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Frequently Asked Questions About Pewter

How is Pewter Made?
There are a couple of way to make pewter. One is called Spinning, which is turning a flat piece of pewter on a metal lathe using a specialized turning chuck. Turning tools are then used to shape the pewter into the desired shape. The other method commonly used is Casting. This is done by heating the the pewter and pouring it into a bronze mold. The pewter is then chilled, the mold opened and the pewter polished.

What's In Pewter?
Our pewter is 92% Tin, 6% Antimony & 2% Copper. There is no lead used in the making of our pewter. Antimony is a lustrous grey metalloid which, combined with copper, works to harden the tin.

How Do I Clean Pewter?
It's best to hand wash and dry your pewter immediately after use. You will also find a number of polishes available-be sure the polish specifically states it is for pewter.

Can I Cook In Pewter?
No. Although pewter is safe for foods and beverages, it's not designed for the temperatures of cooking, and heating or cooking in pewter will damage it.

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